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Niche Marketing: The Art of Targeting Micro-Communities for Big Results

niche marketing

Personalized text and offers are getting outdated in this current highly competitive marketing landscape. Your customers started expecting personalized value propositions from your brand. This cannot be achieved only through sending personalized emails based on your customer preference, or activity with an offer.

Here, There is a new way of personalized marketing that targets your customer’s niche interest. The niche focused marketing has made a transformational shift in which interns build loyalty, and trust and this method can result in a huge return on your marketing spend.

At the same time, the niche is nothing but targeting a specific group of people in a certain segment. Targeting the right group with the right message can make people recognize your brand much faster and the level of customer loyalty may go higher.

To grow or achieve using micro-communities is only possible by targeting the right micro-communities or by creating one for your brand.

Before delving into the methods to achieve the ultimate goal of marketing through micro-communities that may provide you with huge results, it’s important to have a look into the following case study that provides you with a handful of information on this method.


Finding the right micro group of people unlocks a new potential path of reaching the core target people who have a sample level of taste in what you are providing and this source can influence the other people who are outside of this community through word of mouth. Thus building a brand image for you in the network of people who are interested in the niche market that your brand sells.

This niche marketing brings out the strategy for you to improve your customer acquisition and retention tactics with huge returns on marketing investments. You can gain an average of 60% engagement from a micro-community that is nearly filled with active users.


Finding the right micro-community is one of the hardest things in niche-based marketing but this is possible when you know the following aspects of your targeting groups:


Cultural trends – Movements and the ethics they follow based on their region or tradition

Social behavior – Belief or Interaction that happens individually or as a group that reflects in their behavior

Interest and Passion areas – Hobbies, Personal interest, and the activity that influence them

Sources of influence – Organisations, Networks of people, or a person that influences their beliefs and behavior

Platform and brand preference – App, Platforms, and channels where they love to spend their time

Let’s see what are the best ways possible for us to generate more engagement through micro-communities. Micro-communities are not only meant to be a group or a network, it means a small number of people together who have the same interest areas who form a group or follow an individual.

  1. Partner with Micro-Influencers:

There is a big difference between working with a Micro-Influencer and Macro-Influencer in terms of engagement and conversion ratio. According to Hootsuite, 62% of people are interested in engaging with a brand after seeing the products on the influencer stories, this makes the people’s decision-making process towards the brand more easier. Micro-influencer audiences are more likely to make purchase decisions because of the credibility and trust of the micro-influencers.

2. Social Media Groups:

After 2018, Facebook made changes to its algorithm to make people more interactive with one another. It boosts the post which reflects in your newsfeed to sparkle conversations between users and increases the engagement between people. Thus Facebook groups are a good place for us to focus and build our relationship with the consumer by providing valuable information on your consumer needs and addressing their solution.

Nowadays, Brands spend a lot of time sending personalized messages to their customers and targeting groups through WhatsApp.


What is the best way to build and manage micro-communities? 

Know Your Audience:

If you want to create a micro-community, you need to understand your audience first. What do they want from your community? What are their interests? Where do they want to spend their time? What do they want from a community? What is the purpose of your community other than promoting and selling?

Building a micro-community is important to build a connection with the brand and customers as well as between customers. Use your micro-community to build relationships and make them understand the value you provide by being in your micro-community to reduce the exit rates and don’t be salesy.

Platforms to choose from:

There are various platforms with the purpose to deliver. Some examples are Facebook, Reddit, Discord, WhatsApp groups, etc.,

To choose your platform for building your community, you need to know where your customers are spending their time and consume content. For example, If you are an online game distributor, then you need to focus on Discord channels since there are many gamers.

Engage with them:

Managing a micro-community needs the introduction of new and innovative approaches every day. Try to find better ways and approaching methods to engage with your community people.

Examples Of Approaching Methods:

  • Asking your customers to share their experiences
  • Addressing their issues in a professional way

Nowadays, the digital landscape is becoming more competitive. So, you need to create a huge set of referrals to grow and strengthen the future of your brand.

For More Info Refer : “How Brands Can Level Up Customer Engagement ?



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