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Today’s marketing and advertising is shifting towards connecting with people’s emotions through storytelling and the most effective means of communication is video. Good emotional marketing has the benefits of capturing attention and brand loyalty and increases the high lifetime value of a brand. Emotions play a strong role in building strong relationships. Emotions decide what to love, what to hate, and what to decide.

Advertising trends focus on empathy through emotional marketing strategies to gain quick and better relationships for branding. Customers are sold to feelings – Love, Happiness, Prestige, etc., rather than explaining the features and information about the products.

In this blog, let us go through how emotional marketing is becoming the advertising future trend and the best emotional marketing examples.

The power of emotional marketing:

Emotional marketing is just connecting the customers with a brand that can influence the behavior of the customers toward the value of the brand. Good emotional marketing can create a lasting experience on the ads and make them memorable in which the people start to share the experience with others through word of mouth. This can influence their behavior towards the brand and its products. According to a study by Mostista, customers who have an emotional relationship with a brand have 306% higher lifetime value with that brand. Emotions like sadness and fear can also be used to influence customers. For example, charities can raise funds by explaining the sufferings of people through ads that can create sadness in people to influence their decision on donations.

Why does it matter?

70% of decisions are made in emotions. This clearly states that emotions create value and decisions regardless of the features and information you provide. Emotional marketing leaves a lasting impact on people’s hearts which is tricky to execute. Psychologists have proven that humans tend to feel first and then think about it. This is concrete information that emotions are directly connected to our brands and that creates a path to navigate our life.

When a brand creates a strong bond with its customers intentionally and strategically, the customer stays loyal to the brand and is used to purchasing products from that specific brand over a long period which improves the brand loyalty and the lifetime value of customers.

Types of emotions and their ultimate takeaway:

  • Happiness – Makes us want to share (More shares)
  • Sadness – Build connections and empathy (More clicks)
  • Fear/Surprise – Desperation to stick with something (More Loyalty)
  • Anger – Makes us stubborn (Viral Content)

This way, the brand’s value, and message get delivered to its target audience in a most effective way that takes control of the viewer’s emotions.

Examples of Emotional Marketing:

Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign:

“Just Do It” is the term that comes to everyone’s mind when we talk about the brand ‘Nike’. Their emotional marketing campaign involves athletes and their sacrifices over time to achieve their ambitions. The athletes they involve inspire the viewers to improve themselves and dream big regardless of the struggles and hurdles.

Nike – Just Do It (1988) – Very first commercial

Gillette’s “Perfect Isn’t Pretty” Emotional Advertising Campaign:

Gillette released an ad video during the Rio Olympics in 2016 that says being perfect is a part of sacrifice and pain that resembles the athletes who have come across their struggles. Gillette sells only razors which are incorporated in the video but they want to inspire and pay tribute and connect with the hard workers all across the world.


Dabur Vatika:

Dabur Vatika has released an ad video that focuses on a brave woman who survived cancer disease but is not confident enough to face her everyday life

Dabur Vatika Salutes Female Cancer Survivors – #BraveAndBeautiful

Titan Watches:

Titan watches have made an amazing ad that has captured all the attention of every age in that time. In this ad, the students give their professor before retirement who is inspiring students throughout his profession.

Titan watch emotional advertisement on farewell

Asian Paints – Home Not Showrooms:

Asian Paints released a campaign that sparked the emotion between the father and son. This is one of the most emotional marketing campaigns that speaks about the relationship between a grandfather, his son, and his grandson. This says that homes are not a showroom to keep clean and tidy, it’s a place where we live and creates memories that can be repainted using Asian Paints.

Asian Paints – Homes Not Showrooms

However, emotional marketing is quite tricky. Since emotions play a vital role, it is important to measure this qualitative approach. Consider running a survey to get feedback on the campaign finding the audience’s honest reactions.  Several trends are rising to shape the future of advertising style like user-generated content, personalization, and AR-VR methods. By adapting ahead to the market trends, a brand can stick to the changing trends using emotional marketing.



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