Creative Agency based in Chennai, IN

Creative Agency based in Chennai, IN

Most Use cases of WhatsApp Automation

 What is the reason behind your customer loss? Was it miscommunication and failure to react at the right time to what they wanted from us??

In this blog, we gonna share the Top 5 use cases of WhatsApp Automation Chat Bot for all Businesses across the World. We explore here how you can apply this automation to improve your business and provide better customer support each and every day!!

What is WhatsApp Chat Bot Automation??

WhatsApp Automation Chat Bot is more likely human! It will automatically be answering the customer’s common queries, Sales Pitches, and Collecting Feedback from clients about your product.

It is the only customer

support agent which will work 24⨯7 and won’t ask for a hike!!

Here we explore our 5 use cases for you to know how automation works for every industry,

24*7 customer support

Now everyone needs support service 24*7, in case we hire a person to work the day and night shift without a hike isn’t possible to lead more revenue to the company!!

For that instance, we generate an automation service in the WhatsApp Chat Bot. The one and only application which will increase usage each and every day are WhatsApp. Where everyone shares their detail safely is WhatsApp so we use this application more effectively to get work 24*7 service like a human being but in automation service with pre-defined text about your company. 

If you’re hiring for sales executive for your business stop now looking for a person..because we have a solution for your problem i.e., WhatsApp Automation Chat Bot. It’ll solve common customer doubts or queries about your service or product at any time.

An AI-based WhatsApp chat automatically generates an answer to related queries. It exactly works like a customer agent for your company and saves you money for giving a hike to your employees.

Once you generate WA Chat Bot to your WhatsApp business account, you don’t need to worry about handling clients even during non-working hours

Are Sales Pitching without Sales Person?

WhatsApp Automation Chat Bot is a well-trained salesman, it will work for your company 24x7x365 days without asking for a hike for his high performance on salesperson’s work!! This service helps you to get more leads. It will automatically convert consumers into clients and direct them to the link to our website for further information. Hereafter you don’t worry loss clients because of improper client management now you have Automation Chat Bot for your business WhatsApp. 

It’s very easy to launch a well-trained Chat Bot service to automate your business WhatsApp number. Trimzo provides you with the best customer service to get active on all platforms.

Feedback Loop about Service:

Boosting re-orders through this use case is very effective. As a result, they automatically send a Feedback message to customers a few days after they purchase a product.


By connecting your CRM or business software with Trimzo, you can set this up quickly and easily. Reduce the user’s effort by sending messages with Quick Reply buttons. Sending a reply is as simple as picking a button and clicking it. 


Your WhatsApp Chatbot will automatically send them a promotional message, where you can promote your other products.

Multiple Task Handling and Targeting your Old Clients:

This is the best partner to handle multiple clients at a time. Once you use this service for your business, you never hire client relationship management for every department to handle clients. As a human beings, we can’t handle multiple issues at a time but as an AI method you don’t worry about your business it will automatically reply to their queries.

    For example: If your client is busier with other important work, it will send a text that your cart is waiting and we are holding this for you with a 15% offer and the sale will end soon grab the opportunity to freeze the cart for you! In such a scenario, it can handle gently to buy the abandoned product!!

Drip an email for the reminder is common but no one sees mail for that we send a message that people more often use every second.

Lead generating and customer profile update:

Your agents won’t have to manually collect User Attributes again and again with a WhatsApp Chatbot. Lead qualification & lead nurturing will be automated by WhatsApp Chatbots, which collect user attributes that are important to sales. 

You can easily gather user attributes using WhatsApp Chatbots, such as email addresses, preferences, age, and gender, enabling lead qualification.

The WhatsApp chatbot for eCommerce receives a request from the customer, and the bot sends the information, which instantly updates the customer’s details on the database – no support agents are required. 

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